No matter who you are or what your demographics are, Ginn Homes is dedicated to helping you find the house you need in one of our many locations located throughout Clark County, Washington. Ginn Homes helps build high-quality homes for our clients to enjoy, and we also try to build high-quality relationships with our clients. Step one of that process is to ensure every client gets the treatment and respect they deserve. To stick to that path, Ginn Homes’ practices adhere to all the equal opportunity housing tenets. The most important and thorough tenets of these ideals are presented in the Fair and Equal Housing Act of 2018. Let’s go through just a few aspects of this Act to demonstrate how we strive to implement it into our work. The Fair and Equal Housing Act was a proposed act that made its way through Congress in 2017, and took a little over a year to be ratified and passed into law in 2018. The act exists as an extension of preexisting equal opportunity housing laws that had been in effect for upwards of 40 years. The original act prevented housing discrimination from occurring on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. In addition to that, the new act also prevents discrimination based on the gender identity, gender appearance, mannerisms and sexual orientation of the client in question. We adhere to these equal opportunity housing laws because Ginn Homes strives to treat each one of our clients in the same way, with the respect they deserve, to help them find the home they need. Ginn Homes is an equal opportunity builder and is committed in principle, in practice and though its advertising and marketing programs, to the goal of achieving equal access to housing without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, family status or national origin.